About us

Your specialist for asset optimization for renewable energies

RME is an independent engineering service provider with focus on development and optimization of projects in the renewable energy sector. Our capability in this area is characterized by the wide and extensive experience of our specialist team members, drawing on 25 years’ in the industry. Our long, deep and broad international experience enables us to support our client’s projects and assets with an innovative focus on Life Cycle Cost of Energy/ Ownership.

In doing this, we connect proven elements and best practice with new approaches in the field of project management, asset management, technology and analytics, always with the focus on what makes most sense for the client. We see a holistic approach as especially essential when aiming to optimize assets to achieve the best commercial results for our clients.

Our team is further supported by a network of discipline experts, ensuring an interdisciplinary approach. As a result, we are able to offer our clients optimized engineering services for the lifecycle development and operation of their projects.

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